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Keynote Speaker:
Matthias Meilland  - "Selection in Diversity of Pedoclimatic Conditions" 

The Meilland family started to do breeding in 1850, in Lyon, France. In 1937, the first rose variety «Golden State» was chosen to be the image of the San Francisco International Show in 1939. In 1945, the Peace rose was offered to each delegate of the future United Nations Organisation for their first meeting in San Francisco. In 1948, the first patent ever granted for a plant in Europe was «Rouge Meilland ® Var. Rim 1020». In 1958, Alain Meilland, took over the House of Meilland to encourage more countries in favor of Plant Breeders' Right. Great varieties were created by Meilland over the years, PAPA MEILLAND® meicesar, BONICA® Meidomonac, YVES PIAGET® Meivildo, PIERRE DE RONSARD®/EDEN ROSE® Meiviolin and newer beauties such as BRICK HOUSE™ Meiscarlebo. STILETTO™ Meizolnil and SWEET MADEMOISELLE™ Meinostair.

mathias meilland.jpg

Today, Meilland is creating between 100,000 to 200,000 new ‘potential’ cultivars each year ! We are looking for: beauty, novelty, fragrance, but also floriferousness, tolerance to heat, cold, diseases and pests. Our main goal is to see roses grown under many different natural conditions. From Kazakhstan to Canada, From Minnesota to Florida, Japan, Australia and China, from wetlands to dry land. Today, Meilland’s 6th generation is at work.


Matthias is the grandson of Francis Meilland and son of Alain Meilland. Matthias was born in 1977 and ‘worked’ with his grandmother Louisette Meilland as early as 4 years old, until 1987, helping her and her team to collect pollen and doing pollination. In 1983, at the age of 6, Matthias selected the rose that would bear his name, a simple floribunda, easy to grow and fiery red. In the 90’s, Matthias followed his father Alain in Mezzo and South America to learn to understand the Cut Flower business. Between 1997-2000, Matthias studied Movies and Photography at Monterey Peninsula College, California where he met his wife Devi. They live in Antibes in the south of France. He has been the head of Public Relation of The House of Meilland since 2013 and market development in Asia and Oceania. Matthias is also board member of CIOPORA (International Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Horticultural Plant Varieties) which advocates Plant Breeders' Rights before UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants) and the national Plant Variety Protection authorities.

Christian Bedard - "The Making of a Rose"
Christian Bedard

Christian Bédard grew up in Quebec City, Canada, where as a young child he was introduced to gardening by his parents and grandparents.  He started his professional career as a teenager working in a garden center.  After reading articles about his idol Dr. Felicitas Svejda, the well-known Canadian rose breeder who developed the Explorer Roses, Christian decided to become a rose breeder.  He accomplished his dream after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a master’s degree in Biological Sciences (Plant Genetics) from the University of Montréal. He is proficient in English, French and Spanish.

Christian is currently the Research & Licensing Director for Weeks Roses following Tom Caruth’s retirement.  Under his direction, 40,000-45,000 flowers are hand-pollinated each year to produce around 250,000 seeds.  Private no-spray trials are conducted in Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, New York, Michigan, North Carolina and California.  In these locations, the seedlings are thoroughly tested and based on Christian’s observations, the final selections are methodically and painstakingly made.  To date, Christian has registered and introduced over 75 rose varieties, with 7 more coming in 2025.

Irwin Ehrenreich  -  "Rose Gardens of Cape Cod"
Irwin Ehrenreich, the Roseman

The Rose Man is a Rose Garden Design and Rose Care Service located on Cape Cod. Irwin and his wife Cindy have designed and planted rose gardens throughout Cape Cod and SE Massachusetts including gardens at Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich and at Edaville, USA in Carver. 

The Ehrenreich's Barnstable, MA rose garden, with over 500 roses, was featured on  New England Dream House, in  A Garden Lover's Cape Cod, Country Garden Magazine, Cape Cod Magazine and  HGTV Gardens.

Irwin has worn many hats including doctor, musician, rosarian and now author of Diary of an Obsessive Compulsive

 Mike & Angelina Chute - "The Brownells: American Rose Pioneers"
Angelina and Mike Chute

In the early 1900’s, Walter and Josephine Brownell of Rhode Island became trail blazers in the development of winter hardy and disease resistant roses. In this PowerPoint program, learn how a young attorney and his wife, and later their sons, introduced more than 80 varieties over 35 years. These became known as Sub-Zero© roses and were sold throughout the United States from the 1930s through the 1960s. This presentation follows the Brownells’ pioneer development of sustainable roses and explains how they successfully created roses with a distinctly American character to satisfy the unmet needs of the colder regions of the country. A century later, Sub-Zero© roses remain popular and the Brownell legacy continues to influence contemporary rose breeders.

Mike and Angelina Chute are co-owners of RoseSolutions, a landscape consulting company that specializes in roses. They are both certified American Rose Society Master Rosarians. Mike is an accredited ARS horticultural rose judge. They also serve as consultants for both municipal and private rose gardens. Accomplished garden writers, the Chutes’ second book, Rose Gardening Season by Season: A Journal for Passionate Gardeners joins Roses for New England: A Guide
to Sustainable Rose Gardening. In addition to their books, the Chutes have written numerous garden articles and authored the chapter “Roses” in the University of Rhode Island Sustainable Gardening Manual and were Contributing Editors to the American Rose magazine, They maintain a web site ( ), a blog ( ) and publish a quarterly e-newsletter, The Northeast Rose Gardener. They were also co-founders and past presidents of the Rhode Island Rose Society.


Mike and Angelina maintain an active schedule of lectures and workshops throughout the New England area, including the Boston Flower & Garden Show, the Southeastern Connecticut Home & Garden Show, the Connecticut Flower &Garde n Show, the Newport Flower Show, the Maine
Flower Show, the RI Home, Flower & Garden Show, landscape and gardening conventions as well as numerous garden clubs and other horticultural organizations.

Diana C. Lopez Arias - Topics on current research  on black spot disease resistance
Diana Lopez

Diana C. Lopez Arias joined the University of Minnesota as a postdoctoral associate to work on various projects related to woody ornamental plant genetics and breeding under the supervision of Pr. Stan Hokanson. She completed her Ph.D. at l'Institut Agro-Angers in France and did her research at the Research Institute of Horticulture and Seeds under the supervision of Dr. Fabrice Foucher. Her research focused on the phenotypic and genetic characterization of the partial resistance to black spot disease in a member of the Rosa wichurana species.
Her specific interests include quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis and genetic map construction, bioinformatics behind RNAseq analyses as well as fluorescence microscopy for pathogen development and disease resistance studies.  
While at the University of Minnesota, she would like to gain more practical experience in various aspects of different ornamental plant breeding but also challenge her knowledge in rose genetics with polyploid mapping populations for diverse traits. 

Backyard Hybridizers Panel 

 Jim Sproul will be the moderator for our panel of backyard hybridizers. Our 3 participating hybridizers are Julie Overom,  John Smith and Ray Guillebeau.


Jim Sproul is well known for his work with hybridizing hulthemias including his Eyeconic Lemonade series. For twenty-two years, Julie Overom of Wisconsin has been on a personal mission to develop the perfect rose for northern climates: a disease-resistant rose as pretty as a Hybrid Tea and hardy enough to survive northern winters. The result of her efforts is Cherry Frost™, the first cane hardy climber suitable for zone 4. Ray Guillebeau from Deep South District breeds miniature and minifloras including Angels Breath, seen at the Shreveport National show. John T. Smith of Maryland breeds hybrid teas, including the lovely Dina Gee, Randy Scott & Snuffy.

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