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Registration Chair : Nancy Gaiewski
Treasurer: Maria Connell

Registration Has Begun!
Room blocks at the discounted rate fill up quickly. If you encounter a problem reserving a room on a given night you wish to stay, please contact Becky Martorelli, Convention Co-chair

The easy ON - LINE REGISTRATION process accepts both credit cards and checks! 
If you choose check, you will receive an invoice and mailing address for the check

A separate option is to print out the PDF registration form that is attached here 
and mail it with a check.

Feel free to print out extras to bring to your local meetings for those who do not easily use a computer


You must be registered in order to exhibit at the rose show


There is a lot of information on the Registration form so read it carefully. Each individual registering will need to fill out a separate form. For the on-line registration, when you finish the first registration you will be given the option to finish and pay or to choose to make another registration. This is so a couple can pay all at once.


We have a full description of all the MEALS here, you'll want to read it before making your choices on the registration form. If you are accompanied by any children under 18, contact Registrar for possible accommodations before registering

 Don't forget to reserve your HOTEL room at the group discounted price. Follow the instructions on the HOTEL page to make sure you get your group rate ROS discount.

Please read the registration form carefully. The guest meal option is for a non-participating meal guest. It does not include the presentations. Only the rose show display is free and open to the non registered public from 12-3


Full (Tuesday and Wednesday package) registrants will receive Andy Vanable's rose 'Little Rhody' when they arrive, subject to availability. Andy's roses, mainly having multiflora background, are well known for their extreme disease resistance and vigorous growth.  This and 'Craig Dorschel' are the seedlings that Andy chose for the Convention before his untimely death. They are being registered in 2024. While Andy's seedlings tend to be easy to propagate, The Craig Dorschel Rose is proving more difficult to root, severely limiting its distribution for the Convention. It is an open pollinated seedling of the lovely Dacia's Dream from Clive Nickerson, chosen by Andy to grow on. The pictures do not show the roses adequately, we hope to get better ones through High Country later this season. Andy's roses are all sold through High Country Roses

registration edit.jpg
Little Rhody

Little Rhody

Craig Dorschel 

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